Happiness and Misadventures

Not the Best Start

Just after the latest blog update, one of my future neighbors verbally assaulted me for foolish reasons regarding the construction site. I don't want to go into detail and I don't want to name names, but I was quite offended: I always seek dialogue to solve problems, but this time it was impossible.

After two years of zigzagging problems to finish the renovation, a person I've known for ten years can't just start bedeviling us. I hope that this tension will wane with time. I won't spend any more words about it, but let me say this in Italian: M., se mai leggerai queste parole, sappi che sei stato un po' stronzo.

Anyway, good news: we ordered the parquet and the tiles for the house! Things slowly keep on rolling. 🎉


Going back to the bad news, I did not write anymore. More than one month ago, I started writing a sequel for a short story of mines, but I suddenly stopped. The main cause is work, but it's also true that Spring brought a lot of things to do in the country!

I bought a sexy lawn mower and succeeded to use it in quite steep slopes. Sadly, I still have to use a backpack brush cutter for the rest of my terrain (which are approximately ~3-4 hours)! Sometimes, when looking at the actual mess of the garden, I just can think: What have I done? But I am optimistic: when we'll live there, we'll have plenty of time to improve the terrain itself and our "quality of life".

We also sowed little plants in our vegetable garden, but the weather here has been… quite a bitch. There has been a hailstorm, and the temperature is lower than the usual. It seems late April instead of early June.1 Fingers crossed. 🤞

Some Good Vibes ('na gioia)

Luckily, there are also some good news, other than the slow progress to the house renovation.

My fiancée gifted me a book about relationships. When I saw it, I immediately felt both insulted and guilty — I thought it wasn't necessary! She confirmed that, but also that "we can always improve". Then, with a little curiosity, I read the book and I understood that:

Then, about technology, I've found a fantastic Bash script to generate a photoblog, and I decided to move there my photos. I deleted my Pixelfed account (I never completely engaged with graphical social networks) and published the photoblog on my website.

Maybe I'm just becoming old, but I like the idea to avoid too many (and often unnatural) connections that Instagram or Facebook invite us to create: there is just too much garbage. There are so many problems with fake news, political groups, and now the AI,… I prefer to live on my digital island, and connect with some potentially less harmful way.

Last but not least, last Sunday we've been to a friend's place to eat some polenta at a town festival, and we've met some of the kindest people we could imagine. His mother-in-law and her cousin, in their amazing 100-years-old country house, stole a little piece of my heart. Here is a pic from the walk we had that morning:

Photo taken on a green hill, looking at the horizon. The sky is full of clouds, and on the right they are quite stormy.

🎮 Started Dredge because of its vibes

🎧 My Diligence

📖 Finally started Solaris by S. Lem

  1. Well, at 30 minutes from here, it already feels like deep Summer 🔥↩︎
  2. Pro Tips for men: 1. Say you're sorry. Always. 2. Listen. Always. …And for women: 1. Don't make feel your partner guilty of something. 2. Ask politely for help, if needed. But be direct.↩︎

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